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    My name is Donna Olson. I am the CEO and founder of  Statecraft of Nebraska. Being a mother of four and grandmother of three,  I know some of the struggles in raising children. My heart goes out to  parents of young children  in today’s fast world!!


    When my children were little, most moms worked part-time and had  time to attend to the extra needs of raising little ones. Through my own  children I’ve seen how hard parents today have it.  Dropping off and  picking up children at daycare, work, meals, laundry, homework - I don’t  know where you find time for everything else!  It is my hope that our  products can make life easier for you. In life, we can have many things  at any time, but the raising of our children is a once in a lifetime  blessing. 

    Statecraft is a producer and distribution company  of children’s hygiene products.  Our products are unique and  exclusively for parents of small children. We recognize the needs for  active parents. We deliver high quality products that set themselves  apart from others in need and value, putting safety and hygiene first,  before its profit margins. Statecraft recognizes the need for  time-saving products. Time saved is more quality time with your little  ones. We are constantly striving to supply what the parents are asking  for. We have many new products that we are testing for your needs!

    We are always open to your comments or suggestions so please feel free to email us at: 


    Statecraft of Nebraska
          37335 Road 717
             Culbertson, Nebraska 69024